Thursday, May 28, 2015

Some Fear None

The deep richness of this evening photo shoot can be described in one word...sultry.  I was inspired to create this look by the vision of the band Some Fear None.  The shoot was set up for their upcoming album "To Live & To Die", which will be released in August 2015.  Having Dan McGlade photographing the lovely, Nikki, was such a pleasure with his calm and relaxed approach.  We all were bouncing positive energy off of one another and ended up having lots of laughs and a blast together.
One important thing to remember while creating a look for a specific shoot like this is the end image in mind.  Will the image be in color?  Black and white?  Is it a surreal look?  Ethereal?  What exactly are you trying to convey through the colors you use once it is seen through the lens of the photographer.  I can say I am extremely excited to see the finished image just from the sneak peek I have gotten from the shoot.  Wait patiently my friends because there is another creative project in line for this album release that I am proud and honored to have been asked to also be a part of the team.
Some Fear None has a record release show August 1, 2015 at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento.  Please join us there to celebrate music, creativity, and the boldness of these talented musicians.  You will be able to see the finished image then or if you pick up their album in the future, which I highly recommend.  For instrumental tips and album cover lips contact me:

Here is a raw shot, no filter, of my almost completed look.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Classic Bridal Makeup

What says "classic" more than a wedding in San Francisco? This day was such a special one for me since it's where I was born and raised.  To have been able to help someone celebrate their most special
day of love in one of the most beautiful cities in the world was just fantastic. Alex was beyond a pleasure to work with on this day. She wanted a look that was not overstated with color or intensity, but a softer more classic look. A flawless face finished and a softer eye with liner winged just slightly.  I chose what I call a "butterfly" false lash shape because it's so feminine and flutters beautifully while batting lashes. I am so happy to have been a part of this day not only because of how lovely Alex, her family, and mother,  Rowena happened to be, but because I made some pretty special friends along the way.  For butterfly lids & flirty tips:

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mystery Mascara

I decided to take an entire post to discuss the most controversial makeup topic ever.  The subject of mascara!  Have you noticed how many people have their "favorite" so you decide to pick one up and can't stand how it works?  I know that has happened to me more than once.  I would like to clarify, in my opinion, why this happens.  We all don't use the same shampoo, right?  That is because everyone's hair is absolutely different and needs something particular for it.  The same thing happens with lashes!  It is hair after all even if it isn't as long.  The needs of lashes can vary from volume, curl, and length.  There really is a mascara for each one of those things and sometimes you may have to even use two different ones or even a lash primer to get the final achieved look.  When all else fails, there are always fake lashes that you can apply but that will have to be another post.  A lot of companies now offer mascara samples or have testers that you can actually try on your lashes prior to buying.  I suggest to do that because you just never know until you do.  For more tips on batting lashes contact me:  

Saturday, September 28, 2013

MEOW....Fall is here!

What do I see?  Is that a....kitty cat?  Why yes, it is and nothing to do with Halloween, I assure you.  The fall trends this season are in full bloom.  Or should I say full MOON?
Cat eyes hit the runways in all shapes and colors.  From washed out blues to black eyed hues the season is all about playing with the lined eye in a cat shape.  It isn't the easiest of trends to accomplish, but if you really get the right tools it can work.  By tools I mean a good makeup brush, eyeliner, and shadows.  Speaking of shadows..something else was lurking in the darkness.  Grey and wine for the eyelids are a must have this season.  If you dread the dreary then opt for a cheerier shade and reach for the orange shadow trend or for the extra adventurous....the GLITTER.  As for lips...what better statement than red?  Mostly matte and very red is in this season.  If you don't own a red...go get one!  I can tell you there IS a shade of red for everyone out there.  I would highly recommend finding a good lip pencil to keep the color in place as well.  For any help with crimson lips or kitty cat tips email me for a consultation at:

Thursday, January 17, 2013


SPRING 2013 ALERT: RED lips, AQUA liner,  CRYSTAL gems, & BLACK lashes sum up the most unique combination for this season's Spring runway.  How can this be, you ask?  I said the same thing.  I am all for stepping out of the box, but, the question is HOW?  Trend setting can be a flop in a split second if you aren't quite sure how to execute a particular "look."  The key to this season is "not all at once!"  Please, please, don't try to wear the bold red lip, blue liner, and crystal gems all at once.  The reoccurring theme is one at a time or a mesh of two trends blended oh-so carefully together.  Find the best shade of red, ranging from hues of deep matte orange-red to magenta lipstick to enhance your pucker while keeping the face clear and flawless with a perfect foundation.  Next, pair a bright teal blue or green eyeliner with a few crystals on the lid, carefully placed to enhance the wash of oceanic blue.  Finally, go retro with a Twiggy lash top and or bottom bold and intense.  False lashes are the key this season and don't be shy!  If you don't think you can pull one of the bolder looks, try for the more subtle 90's flashback with full intense brows and a clear covered complexion.  I have to say, after writing this, I am just that much more excited about the new Spring season!  For perfect crystal placement and colorful creative ideas contact me at:

Monday, February 6, 2012

...IT'S BACK...

NEON!!!! Everyone who grew up in the 80's thought for sure they would never see the vibrant palette of fluorescent shades of yellow, orange, pink, and, green again. Oh..were they wrong!! Could they be any brighter? Skinny jeans, handbags, wallets, shoes, and yes, even makeup! The most "Electric Avenue" pinks and oranges pop on lips for the Spring 2012 season paired with a nude eyeshadow make for an amazing entrance to any event. The subtle shades of nudes on the lips enhance the unique hues of sheer purple and violet blue for the lids. Don't be shy! You will be surprised how many of you can wear that intense color without making a joker of yourself. Just be sure to find the right shade for your skin tone and play around with the luscious sheer glosses that can tone down any shade from the flashback days. For those who have to wear robot sunglasses to pick out a color feel free to email me and I will be happy to help pick the brightest lightbulb out for your beautiful face!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Is Near

Right around the corner...spring approaches! Are you ready for the newest trends of this season? The brightest green lids to the boldest orange lips you thought you never would be able to wear are in the future forecast. Pair the most flawless bare skin to the fashion of the 70's & 60's or a stunning pop of color to match those punk rock influenced studded jackets. This season's spectrum has such a wide range of options so dare to be bold! For makeup tips and lessons to create your individual spring look contact me: